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15th-Nov-2016 09:06 pm - Christmas is coming
hlw at roses
I know there's still a few of us left here...

The Children's Aid Society's Preventive Services Program serves 300 families in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx who are experiencing hardships due to trauma, domestic violence and poverty which places children at risk.

When a family functions well, children do better.  That’s the fundamental tenet of the Preventive Services Programs at The Children’s Aid Society.   In existence since 1981, they provide an array of family-focused interventions that help enhance family relationships and alleviate stressors to improve child safety.

Social workers provide:

Individual, family and group counseling
Teen and parenting groups

Parenting guidance
Case management services

The New York City Harley Owners Group
along with their partners Harley- Davidson of New York City, Hogs & Heifers Saloon and the The Iron Horse NYC are working to bring some holiday cheer to some of New York's neediest.

Continuing a longstanding tradition The Gary R Murano Memorial Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run will bring toys to the Children's Aid Society.

We are trying to raise enough money to purchase toys, games and gift cards for teens (e.g. Itunes, GameStop, The Gap) to give to the kids at our annual holiday Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run.

Our Toy Run is Sunday December 4th!

The opportunity to bring a little cheer to these kids, to see them smile, the twinkle in their eye when they sit on Santa's Harley-Davidson motorcycle is just amazing.

If you can spare a few dollars THANK YOU.   https://www.gofundme.com/ToysForTotsNYC

If you can't PLEASE share this link on all social media, with family, friendsm etc. AND THANK YOU TOO!
4th-May-2016 04:54 pm - Bikers Against Breast Cancer
hlw at roses

OK Folks we all have mom's, sisters, wives. girlfriends and so on. Please support NYCHOG as we run our annual Bikers Against Breast Cancer.

Please share this as well. THANKS!

https://www.gofundme.com/babcnychogBABC pin3

For complete details, go to website:

Excerpts from above site:
"In person at your local free tax preparation site
Sites offering this service have varying income eligibility requirements. For most sites, you must earn $54,000 or less (with children) or $30,000 or less (no children).

There are more than 200 NYC Free Tax Prep sites throughout the city.
Volunteer preparers will help you claim important credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and NYC Child Care Tax Credit (NYC CCTC) to get the full refund you deserve.
Some sites let you drop off your tax documents and pick up the completed return later.

Find an NYC Free Tax Prep site near you using our interactive map. Note: More sites will be added, check back again."
1st-Jan-2016 01:02 pm - Happy New Year 2016, New Yorkers!
Happy New Year 2016, folks!

Hope everyone had a fabulous start.

Want to share what you did for New Years? Feel free, would love to share. Yes, this includes activities whether within the Times Square perimeter, or far outside of it (this includes far outside of New York City, but you're reading this comm for some reason).

If you'd rather share your New Year plans (not necessarily resolutions, but sure, share those if you choose) for the day, or weekend, feel free too.
13th-Nov-2015 06:27 pm - Toys for Tots
hlw at roses
Hey all.... not sure how many are left here.

If you can spare the cost of a cup of cofee, could you help my motorcycle club's Toys for Tots run?

Thanks so much!https://www.gofundme.com/3ka64rbwsanta_T4T

Make sure to read the information at the above link (and suggested links from above) carefully about what their procedures are for accepting electronics for recycling.

Also *TODAY* Saturday, October 3, 2015, there is an electronics recycling event in Chelsea, being held at "TEKSERVE", 119 West 23 Street between 6 & 7 Avenues, from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
Officially the feast has already begun at 11:30 AM, today, but usually the crowds etc. start coming later in the day. The feast stretches on several consecutive blocks along on Mulberry Street in Little Italy (that's downtown, adjacent to Chinatown) between Canal Street (south end of festival) and Houston Street (north end of festival).

Official website with all details: http://www.sangennaro.org/
Local news article: http://www.amny.com/eat-and-drink/san-gennaro-festival-2015-in-nyc-events-parade-food-tradition-1.9278919
This morning, I went searching for travel directions on my home computer via http://www.hopstop.com and was horrified to see the new banner across the top that read,
"HopStop will no longer be available starting October 2015"

I know most people here probably use mobile apps (IOS versus Android), but would love to know what you use, or can recommend for someone like me (PC-based). NOTE: I use this for a combination of navigating the subway & bus system as I often travel at least once a week to an unfamiliar destination, but also walk a lot too and have used HopStop.com to map my travels and estimate time.
Short notice, but anyone in the respective areas that have interest in these, here's some information.

Sunday, August 30
Paper Shredding Event - Forest Hills, Queens
11am-3pm (or until truck is filled)

69 Austin St & Queens BlvdCollapse )

Sunday, August 30
Stop 'n' Swap - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg Community CenterCollapse )
25th-Aug-2015 05:52 pm(no subject)
New to report, and also please predecessors, friends exhibitions.
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