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Please share any tips, stories, experiences, and general information you can - both good AND BAD - about your experiences with NYC storage facilities.

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14th-Apr-2015 04:08 pm(no subject)
A friend of mine posted this on FB and said to share, so:

We're looking for people who love salty snacks ages 24-34 for a 1.5 hour focus group in Chelsea this Friday, April 17th. Groups will take place during lunch (12:30-2) and after work (6-7:30). Qualifying respondents will be paid $75 for their time. Please email lrobertson@barbariangroup.com to find out more.
EDIT as of May 2015. For ongoing updates, this is the site's direct link to all available updates and information regarding animals missing as a result of the East Village explosion on Thursday, March 26, 2015.

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Have had quite a few conversations this week in real life with people about this. I know a lot of people who've lived in NYC for years.

Since the initial press announcement on Monday, the website went down initially. Due to the overwhelming and unanticipated huge turn out for the new Muncipal IDs, they now require advance appointments to be made (via website, or by calling "311"). Website link and information cross-posted from site here.


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16th-Dec-2014 11:49 pm - Plastic Bags on the Bike Seats
I need to know why the food delivery guys in the city wrap their bike saddles with plastic bags. Not like just one bag, like several layers of plastic bags on the bicycle seat. As if they were desperately trying to protect it and keep it clean. What, is it because their asses are so incredibly filthy they feel the need to go to this length to keep the seat clean? No, that can't be it. So why do they do this? I always want to ask a delivery guy, but when I see one it always slips my mind. I mean, you don't see bike messengers do this. You don't see regular every day cyclists do this? You don't see tourists on CitiBikes do this. It's only the food delivery guys. And I'm trying to be P.C. about it here, but in all honesty, it's usually the chinese take-out guys that do this. And they aren't always Chinese. So what gives? Maybe riding with several layers of plastic between the butt and the bike seat provides some level of comfort that I'm not aware of.
27th-Nov-2014 12:03 pm - Happy Thanksgiving, New Yorkers!
Hope everyone's having a good holiday!

The annual local radio play of "Alice's Restaurant" will be on Q104.3FM.



For those unfamiliar with the history and the song, "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie:
22nd-Nov-2014 03:12 pm - Soup kitchen etc. Thanksgiving Day
Five days early, but wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

For everyone who has no permanent home and a regular meal... um ....

Now, wondering: does anyone know of any soup kitchens, churches, or related facilities that will be having an open lunch / dinner for anyone (meaning either an individual, or a couple) on Thanksgiving Day? I know a few people who are *not* technically homeless or whatever, but having a severe financial crisis and/or similarly, um, disenfranchised. They are short on food, money, and companionship for the holiday and having a place to go to will be appreciated deeply.

They would love the hour or so of food as well as companionship on that day. Food is part of it, but a place that is non-judgmental and welcoming and possibly not require ID as applicable (at least one is a struggling recovering drug addict, another LBTQ; one person I know is technically homeless, but has no photo ID at all).

ADDED: I've heard in the past, some facilities may have early T-Day like meals on the days before (meaning, Wednesday, Tuesday, perhaps even Monday & Sunday) beforehand. Recommendations appreciated!

Assuming that some people still draw/illustrate by hand (not on computer, LOL), does anyone know where to get a *cheap* basic (or non-basic) set of sketching (black, or graphite) pencils, with erasers, pencil sharpener, etc. (Colored pencils fine too, but really focused on regular graphite.)

I'm hoping for $10 or less ($5 ideal) though I've seen more expensive sets. I'm also planning to get some sort of $0.99 hard pencil case or something for easier long-term storage, if that is good for an artist too?

NOTE: Manhattan is easy for me, but I will be in Rego Park/Elmhurst area Friday.

Recommendations for getting more cheap sketching pads (9x12 size, or something) also appreciated!

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