June 6th, 2008

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This Week at Coney Island USA

. Coney Island Sideshow
. Burlesque At The Beach-Thursdays and Fridays! Cowgirlesque and Badass Burlesque
. Coney Island Film Society - Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse
. The Coney Island Museum/Ask The Experts - Bob Yorburg
. The Mermaid Parade - King and Queen Announced!
. Summer Sideshow School Registration
. Coney Island USA Giftshop
. Update on Renovation
. Still Going Great in 2008!

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wanna know where our tax money is going?

So I sometimes do some work over @ Bellevue Hospital in the city. And this morning I entered into this conversation about the prison floor(19). Not only do the prisoners get Air conditioning, good food, cable television, but now they're also getting electric beds. Why are prisoners getting all these creature comforts that you and I pay out the ass for? We have to bust our butts 5-6 days a week to pay for this stuff, and all they had to do was kill someone, rape somebody, rob, molest, etc..
Red Umbrella in Winter (by Michael Kraso

City’s Top Crane Inspector Is Arrested

I'm not at ALL given to conspiracy theories. So even as others muttered darkly about various things, I just chalked it all up to bad luck. But hey, I gotta say this does NOT look good!

5:40 p.m. The city’s chief crane inspector was arrested Friday and charged with taking bribes to pass cranes under his review and for taking money from a crane company who sought to ensure that their employees would pass the required licensing exam, the authorities said. The man, James Delayo, the acting chief inspector for the Cranes and Derricks Unit at the city Department of Buildings, was in charge of overseeing the issuance of city licenses for crane operators.

See Full Article Here: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/06/citys-top-crane-inspector-is-arrested/index.html?hp
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Any suggestions on a place to go tonight (be it bar, lounge, park, particular side walk) thats not filled with trendy tan people who shy away from any semi-intellectual discussion AND isn't filled with trendy yuppies who are overly PC?

I'm taking a friend of mine to the Village area and he's a cynical loner (as am I, hence the cluelessness about where to go). Someplace to roll your eyes at a Hummer limo while still being able to tell dead baby jokes...

Serious and not so serious answers welcome ;P

MTA is proposing MORE fare hikes?!?!?!?!??!

Check out this story in today's Daily News.

MTA hike fare-y may visit us again


If there's a public meeting on this, you can bet I'm showing up to protest. I will assume anyone supporting this is an MTA employee or a beneficiary of free travel since when this happened before, I didn't hear a single person support it.
Baby Got Back hippo

Bars with fun, smart-ish activities

You know how some bars have trivia quizzes, or Jeopardy nights, or spelling bees, or similar fun competitions? Tell me about your favorite places and events -- bonus points if they're not Brooklyn hipster hangouts.

The second half of my question: Is it not cool to compete if you haven't been drinking that night? It seems sort of unfair. Do other people agree, or does nobody care (unless you win), or what?