Running around New York. (futurebird) wrote in newyorkers,
Running around New York.

Not even the sidewalks are safe!

I come out of my building this morning and this is what I see:

It didn't seem that anyone was seriously injured, thank God.

Grand Concourse and Mabel Wayne Place, The Bronx at 8:20am

They do not do enough to enforce the speed limit or traffic laws in my neighborhood. People are always speeding on the Grand Concourse. They zip on and off of the side streets... this is the 2nd crash in 6 months near this intersection. I saw a man nearly get hit yesterday morning too. Thank God none of the kids who go to the elementary school one block away were on the sidewalk!

People act like it's a highway or something-- you don't get a pile-up like that with low speeds. They need to enforce the speed limit in my area and ticket people who speed. This is a residential neighborhood not a highway!

More images here.

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