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Tips & advice for CUNY undergrad drop-out to re-enroll?

Any recent CUNY undergraduates - whether currently enrolled, or recently graduated - with tips, advice, opinions, etc. to a drop-out who wants to re-enroll as a matriculated student, PART-TIME?

Whichever schools, or campuses you have attended (past or present), I would love your feedback about campus access and services as well as your own general thoughts about academics and your own experiences. Though I'd love any thoughts, I prefer anyone with very recent (as in current, to about three years) actual enrolled experience and understanding so I have a good sense of current expectations and protocols. ALSO: If you are also either current faculty, a parent / guardian, or other of a current/recent student, would LOVE your feedback as well!

FYI I am now old in my mid-50s, on full disability (thus low-income, fixed income), but want to be more functional and access various academic and city resources. Oh, yes, I would like to get the cobwebs out of my brain too, maybe even get specific work related skills where my age is not a serious deterrent. I can hope, right?

I had last dropped out ten years ago, with about 30 accumulated credits.

I am not too concerned about which school to choose at this point, though I prefer ones I can get to easily by subway (commuting issues of course); big bonus for Manhattan campuses for sheer convenience, but not necessary. I'll know my re-application etc. process will weed me out as necessary.

My primary concerns is a campus with a lot of academic support services (tutoring and academic guidance, flexible library access, etc.) so that as a part-time student, I can spend a lot of my other time getting my academic skills up to date. I have a hope of later being a full-time student in a subsequent semester, but I am starting as a part-time student first. For the first semester (or two), my main focus is getting my basic academic skills up-to-date (reading, writing, and research, etc.) as well as having a sense of current academic culture, campus resources, etc. I know my math and science is very rusty so I am leaning towards a general liberals arts focus until I know where I stand academically. I am open to either the two-year (community colleges) or four-year schools, as I suspect I will at least change my initial program, or transfer later once I have regained my academic bearings. Also I don't have much interest in social, or not strictly academic types of activities, or social clubs, at least for the first semester.

Certainly I am sure things have change in the 35-40 years since I was a NYC public high school student. Yes, I am sure this is a gross understatement. Note over the last 30 years or so, I had been accepted at (among others) Hunter College, Queens College, and others, but not necessarily interested in the initial majors / degrees I had once selected.

INCIDENTALLY, ABOUT COMPUTER, HARDWARE, SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: I use an old home PC computer for almost all of my online access and reading and recently upgraded my online access. What are the current technical (computer, etc.) expectations for incoming undergrads at this point? How do students find acceptable equipment or discounts on required, or recommended equipment and access? Also I am concerned that when/if I transfer or change campuses, whether such equipment would be likely to be accessible, no matter which CUNY campus I attend.

Anyone interested and able, I'd love to chat (or message) to and fro on the issue, if inclined.

Thank you.

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