nopeeing wrote in newyorkers

New Yorkers: Who is around here?

Would love to check in with any members who still are around, even if infrequently.  

Would love to at least hear a "yo, wassup?" or "yo, still here!"  (New York accent optional.)

Or if you're inclined, please tell us about yourselves, introductions, or updates.  Of course, framed in a NYC context, or add a detail that New Yorkers can relate to.  Are you new to NYC?  Long-time resident in NYC?  Moved from NYC?  Do you love New York City?  Hate New York City?  Estranged from, or miss NYC?  Or simply don't care?  Make a statement, ask a question, or just be present.  

You can post as a comment to this main post, or post as a new post altogether (just remember to share, or say something about NYC or being a New Yorker).

(I'll post about myself as well a bit later on, as a comment.)

Thanks for reading and in anticipation of hearing from any of you.


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