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The Big Apple

Stand up, New Yorkers!!

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The Community that never sleeps!
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New York City
Before you post, Please refer to the tags here in case your topic has been covered!
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Please note, this is a "community," not a place for you to express your own unopposed opinion about any topic. Anyone caught deleting a post that has generated thoughtful criticism or thoughtful comments that run contrary to your opinions will be subject to the ban list.

Any questions or comments about this community, please contact the maintainer, nemesisbecoming.

  • Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Do not promote any ratings communities of any kind! This includes sites like "Am I Hot?" and yes, even "Rate My Professor". This does not include sites like MenuPages.com. If you're not sure about a site, contact either nemesisbecoming or trishalynn and we'll let you know if it's okay.
  • No non-NY surveys or data collecting for any sort of school project or research (aka "Homework Help")unless specifically NY related.
  • Do not disable comments or the post will be removed.
  • According to LJ policy, promoting or providing illegal activity is prohibited. Please read Livejournal Terms of Service for more information.
  • Do not "post-date" a post, so as to put that post on the top of the community page. You will be subject to being banned.
  • If a post has nothing to do with the Big Apple, it most likely will be deleted.
  • To post large pics, use the lj-cut as explained in the FAQ
  • Event flyers are okay, but all flyers are to be put under lj-cuts. This is the same general rule that applies to photos on the comm only that instead of just the first pic open and the rest are cut, all event advertisements are under cuts.
  • You may advertise a local show, band, get-together, or even another LJ community. Just be sure it has something to do with New York City, and put the flyer under an LJ-cut.
  • If you're a New Yorker and would like to promote something that's not specifically New York-related, you can go ahead and do so no more than once a month.
  • If you are a troll, you will be deleted. That's that. A NY'er doesn't take any shit and neither do the people in this community.
  • Don't be a Dick.

This community was lovingly created by stuckon1111, and it will be maintained in the spirit he fostered.

Have a question? Here are some steps.

1) Thanks to a group effort, this is a fully tagged community. Meaning, from day one to today, almost every post is tagged! Please check with the tags listed in this link to see if your question has been covered. We try to not be repetitive. Most likely, your general, or even specific, question has been asked and answered already.

2) Are you posting in the right community?
Other NYC communities:
nyc_cuisine new_to_nyc nycnobody nyc_real_estate nykids nyc_subway frugal_ny brooklyn_usa queensnyc newyorkyoga nyc_parents nyu_commuters nyscreenings nyc_nightlife nylolitas nyc_alternative nyanime nyc_women nycgoth nycjobs nycdesi nyc_pets upperwside nyers_to_help nyc_for_free ny_weather nyc_parenting shooting_in_nyc(regarding on-location film shoots and the like)

3) If you're certain this is the right community, and you want to find something, please make sure you tell us a price range of what you're willing to spend and how far you're willing to go to get it. The more specific you are, the more helpful we'll be.

Extra note of caution to people planning a visit or who wish to move to New York City: Since this community was created in 2002, we've gotten tons of questions from people who want to plan a visit or move to NYC and think that this is a good place to get information. We're getting sick of seeing the same questions pop up over and over again, so we have some special rules for you:

a. Before posting a question, it is mandatory that you check the tags first and do some independent Internet research.
b. If you still really would like to post a question, read this page first. This list of resources is one that the community collaborated on, and they have our official stamp of approval.
c. If you are dead set on posting and get some snarky replies, take any good-natured ribbing and snarkiness with a grain of salt. Consider this whole exercise a preview of some of the types of New Yorkers you're going to meet when you arrive! ^_^ We're noisy, snarky, suspicious, mistrustful of clueless tourists, and very helpful--when we feel like it.

If there are any issues in regards to the community or its moderation, please take it off-community and ping either the maintainer nemesisbecoming at her @livejournal.com address or the co-moderator trishalynn by the LiveJournal private messaging service or on their personal journals.

So welcome to NYC! It's the best City in the world!

Also, look into The Community's Flickr Group and the feed nyers_flickr.

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